Special edition of the motives IceCone (now with cream and cherry on top), the Donut (toffee diped) and Burger. On Canvas the colours pop even more. I make these in collaboration with galleries, so several venues can get their hands on at the same time.

These are done in very limited versions 1-7 pieces maximum that makes the pricing still affordable. And I dont mean this in terms of stupid marketing but in my honest believe that art should be a reflection of personal taste and style not how much one can afford.
technics like screen printing or stencils are ment to multiply the motive and this reflects my thinking.

On canvas 100×70 cm. Unique multiples done with stencils and spray paint…

CherryOnTop_canvasEd7_L ToffeDip_canvasEd7_L Burger_canvasEd7_L