The Kunstlabor was the first Munich “Art House”. Over 50 Artists designed the walls and rooms with painting, collages and installations of a soon to be teared up building.
Next to guided tours a lot of events, discussions, talks and performing bands happened during the open hours. It was very succesfull and I am happy to be part of this thing.

I designed a whole room, combine 2 main positions of my work: song structures (counting out song and visualize their structures) and neon coloured drips.
The whole room was pasted with typical song structure elements like: “chorus”, “verse”, “fill” and so on. over these walls I hanged portraits of well known, mostly allready dead performing artists, like “Freddie Mercury”, “Nina Simone”, altogether nine Artists who stand for their creativity and doing it their ways.
The skin I painted in neon to reflect the creativity. this also vanishes the colour of skin as music has no borders or race. Size of the Paintings are 70×50 cm each.